Explosions In The Sky: Interview with drummer Chris Hrasky

You’ve said in the past that EITS doesn’t really have a set writing method. Most things just go by trial and error. Could you elaborate a bit more on that?

It’s just kind of whatever works. We don’t really have a particular process that we go through. We never even remember how it always ends up coming together. It’s usually a pretty long drawn out process. It’s just trial and error, whether we are all playing together in a room or each of us working out parts on our own and recording them on our computers and emailing them back and forth.

I wish there was a more set process for us to try and make it a bit easier. But we haven’t gotten there yet. We still haven’t figured out what we’re doing yet.

What about The Rescue, which you wrote and recorded in just eight days?

That would be an exception to the rule, I guess.

How did it end up being only eight days?

I think that one was never intended to be like, ‘Here’s our new record.’ You could only get it at shows or through subscriptions to the record label. We posed certain time limits on ourselves and it was pretty fun actually. We’ve been doing stuff like that more lately for working on stuff with the new record. Most of the time it doesn’t work out right, but I think we kind of lucked out on The Rescue. Although, I think we all feel about half of The Rescue is good and the other half is a little sub-par. But it was a fun little thing to do.

We never intend to write long songs at all. Our intention is to write catchy songs that you can kind of immerse yourself into.