Explosions In The Sky: Interview with drummer Chris Hrasky

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but in addition to your albums having a very obvious flow to them, often enough, especially on your latest album All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone, even song names come off as chapter titles to a New Age novel of sorts. Do you guys consciously think about a linear structure for the album while writing material?

We think more specifically about it with songs. But when we have a collection of songs it is important to think, ‘How will this go in the record?’ What’s interesting is the way we are actually kind of working on our new stuff is thinking of the record as one piece instead of separate songs. But at the same time we still want to have it where if you listen to a particular song there is still something there. It may not be particularly easy for us at the moment, but it is what we are aiming for with this record.

When do you think this will be released?

We have no idea. It certainly won’t be anytime this year, but it all just depends. We could have the entire record written in a month from now or in two years. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but we don’t want to rush it. Even if it takes a long time, we’d rather have something we’re excited about. Hopefully 2010, maybe?

EITS has been together for 10 years now. How does it feel to have been successful for 10 years with a style of music that most don’t expect to get very successful with?

It’s pretty crazy when I think about it. I’ve spent a significant portion of my life doing this. It’s strange. I feel like we don’t still know exactly what we’re doing and how we’re supposed to do this. We are still doubtful about our abilities, but I like to think that’s kind of a good thing. We’re satisfied with the idea that we make a living out of this. That’s insane and totally amazing and we realize how lucky we are. But we have not gotten to the point where we feel satisfied like, ‘We’ve done the best thing we could and whatever we do it’s going to be good.’ We’ll always have that self-doubt floating around, which I think is probably a good thing. I think it pushes us and makes us a little bit critical of what we do and that ties into not wanting to put out something we don’t feel strongly about.

It’s pretty great. I couldn’t really ask for a better job. But it’s very strange. I never thought this would have turned out this way.

Explosions In The Sky will be appearing at Central Park Summerstage on June 30 in New York, NY. For more information, check out explosionsinthesky.com.

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