Rumor has it you’re already working on your next album, sort of.

Sort of, yeah. We met with Bob [Rock], and took a look at some of the songs that we had left over from the last record and I think even maybe the record before that. But haven’t really gotten down to the brass tax yet, just kind of looking and discussing, seeing what we got, where should we start with this record.

We’re hoping to start early next year and have it done by next year. We don’t want to wait again and we don’t want to keep the fans waiting.

As far as culling material from the previous two records, these isn’t stuff that you’ve tracked and everything and left off?

Some of it’s not entirely finished. Some of it’s just a riff, some of it is maybe just a verse and chorus and needs more work. I think we have one or two songs that are done and finished but not really sure if they’re worthy of making it onto the record.

So you’re Frankensteining some things together?

Always (laughs). Always doing that, yeah. Usually if something’s not working, we’ll just scrap a part and write a new part for it. We don’t usually take from one song and try to add it to another. I can’t remember—I’m sure it has happened—but I can’t remember an instance of that. Usually songs, you come up with something, and you try to build on that.

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