Is that how you feel previous work came together? Organically, effortlessly?

Oh, no. A lot of times it’s been like going to the dentist, fortunately not this time, not all the time. This definitely was a joyful experience. We put together two comparable studios: One in Doug’s home and one in my home in Lake Tahoe so I could still interact with my family without being away from them for a significant amount of time and it came together amazingly. Modestly I was thinking of calling it Whitesnake’s Greastest Hits because it embraced all these different eras of Whitesnake in one record. I could hear one song that could have been from the Lovehunter record, one from Slip Of The Tongue. There were songs that would have been very comfortable with Coverdale/Page. And this was not premeditated. I think the angels worked with us to put a perfect Whitesnake record together. Which is why, of course, I committed to do this American tour because the record did fantastic everywhere, even in the States without promotion. And, of course, my record company’s done what everybody else in the country is doing and has just gone bankrupt. So I think the only place you’ll be able to get the record in the States at this moment is on iTunes, download.

It’s unfortunate your label went belly-up.

Well, it is, but the circumstance is that they could have given us a heads up. When I’m talking to people, as you can tell, I’m still animated and very excited about the record. But I mean, the bonus is that Whitesnake has a significant collection of songs. We also have, as I’m sure you’re aware, on June 30 we have two special anniversary packages out for Slide It In and Slip Of The Tongue so that’s pretty special, too. There are going to be things out there that people are interested in, to get their teeth into some new Whitesnake.

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