Your lyrics have always derived from blues themes. Do you think that influence became lost in the ‘80s and ‘90s commercialization of hard rock/heavy metal?

Well, partially. I still maintained that the themes are part of my performance. There are other musicians I’ve put into the band to help me take Whitesnake to another level who have kind of utilized the band for themselves really. But the song essence is there. That’s one of the things that’s interesting to me. I think I was embracing more of an American approach certainly for Slip Of The Tongue. So when I was remastering and compiling these anniversary editions, I was thinking about how I’m still writing, still embracing the original concept of Whitesnake as a hard rock, rhythm and blues band with elements of soul. Those are the themes and that’s what I write, love songs. I write love songs and Good To Be Bad is a continuation of that.

I’m working with absolutely electrifying musicians who are paying homage to the idea of Whitesnake’s concept rather than using the band as a backing band for them. I think that’s probably one of the reasons we do so well together. I see what you’re saying. If you listen to the themes you’ll go from some overt metal song like ‘Slip Of The Tongue’ into ‘Now You’re Gone’ or ‘Judgment Day’ or ‘The Deeper the Love,’ which I perform acoustically now with Doug, because I think the intimacy of it just works. It seems to help the song reach the part it’s supposed to.

Back in 2000 you released a solo album, Into The Light. What made you decide to venture out on your own?

I came out of Coverdale/Page and the management I was working with at the time thought I should continue working as David Coverdale and I thought that was fine. Rather foolishly, I thought I wanted to be more respectful to my age, which is kind of stupid (laughs). But that was the plan and to not go quite so Tarzan. But I love doing Tarzan vocals! If you listen to Into The Light I just made the keys to the songs lower but when I was recording them I kept thinking, ‘Man, why didn’t I do that differently?’ (Laughs). I just accept it now. I have so much joy in my life. Why change?

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