Bands On The Verge

The Victory

The Victory
Formed: 2008
Hometown: North Arlington, NJ
Genre: Power Pop/Rock
Influences: Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Relient K, We The Kings
Most Embarrassing Moment: At Bamboozle 2009, lead vocalist Steve fell while returning to the stage after singing to the crowd from the barrier. He fell basically on his face because a girl standing front row decided to grab and hold onto the mic wire while Steve attempted to return to the stage. As the slack ran out Steve’s momentum was stopped, along with his forward motion, sending him to the stage, face first.

Mark Rose

Mark Rose
Year formed: 1983
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Genre: Pop/Blues
Influences: Whatever makes me feel.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Performing with my former band, Spitalfield—I was knocked unconscious by a young crowd surfing girl in Toledo, OH.

The Title

The Title
Year formed: 2007
Hometown: Hoboken, NJ
Genre: Pop
Influences: Musicians Everywhere!
Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting chased out of Florida by a gang!