Bands On The Verge

Dave Pittenger

Dave Pittenger
Formed: 2007
Hometown: NYC
Musical style: Roots / Rock
Influences: Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, The Band, Lyle Lovett, Tori Amos, Ben Folds Five
Most Embarrassing Moment: The first show I ever played was to a packed club in Philadelphia. Everyone in the band was extremely nervous and stiff as a board… We rushed through what would normally be an hour’s worth of material in about 20 minutes. It was a trainwreck.


Formed: 2007
Hometown: Hillsdale, NJ
Genre: Rock / Hardcore / Metal
Your influences: Thrice, August Burns Red, Receiving End Of Sirens, Thursday
Most Embarrassing Moment: Our very first show as a band within the first five minutes of our set, Jay got hit in the head by Adam’s guitar while he was rocking out and proceeded to bleed for the rest of the set. We had all this great choreography and stage show planned and within the first few minutes of our performing career that was all thrown out the window.

Of Fate And Chance

Of Fate And Chance
Formed: 2005
Hometown: Lebanon, NJ
Genre: Rock / Alternative
Influences: Foo Fighters, Coheed And Cambria, Atreyu