Bands On The Verge

Don't Forget To Write

Don’t Forget To Write
Formed: 2006 (Unofficially) 2009 (Officially)
Hometown: Dresher, PA / Manassas, VA
Genre: Handsome Pop Rock
Influences: Fine ladies and a catchy melody
Most Embarrassing Moment: A girl at one of our shows was so happy and overjoyed about seeing us that she had an asthma attack.


Formed: 2008
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Genre: Pop / Rock
Influences: Pop / Rock music and vocal harmony
Most Embarrassing Moment: When really young girls motion sexual things to us while we play.

The Doppler Effect

The Doppler Effect
Formed: 2006
Hometown: New Hartford, NY
Musical style: Rock / Pop
Influences: Hit The Lights, Mayday Parade, My American Heart, and New Found Glory
Most Embarrassing Moment: 
Too many to mention!