Bands On The Verge

To Kill The King

To Kill The King
Formed: 2005
Hometown: Vernon, NJ
Genre: Melodic Metal / Hardcore
Influences: Life In Your Way, Misery Signals, As Cities Burn, Beloved, Hopesfall
Most Embarrassing Moment: At a show was when we weren’t originally even supposed to play… Rob and Nick couldn’t make it in time to play a quick last minute set, but the other four of us decided to go with it. Instead of playing bass I decided to fill in for Rob and before the first song was over I somehow managed to knee myself in the face and break my nose. I bled all over the floor.

Lights In Lost Skies

Lights In Lost Skies
Formed: 2003
Hometown: Blairstown, NJ
Genre: Grand Rock / Pop
Influences: Coldplay, U2, Oasis, Mute Math, Angels & Airwaves, Death Cab For Cutie, Kings Of Leon, Mozart, Disneyworld, Film, Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Playing a foam party.

In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom
Formed: 2008
Hometown: Bergen County, NJ
Genre: Rock
Influences: The Beatles, The Get Up Kids, Blink 182, Oasis, The Who, Bruce Springsteen
Most Embarrassing Moment: “Chocolate rain.”