Bands On The Verge

The Brightlife

The Brightlife
Formed: 2008
Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA
Genre: Pop/Rock/Dance
Influences: The Maine, Forever The Sickest Kids, Mae, The Starting Line
Most Embarrassing Moment: While on the road, we stopped at a gas station and a crazy lady came up to us and asked if we were in a band. Then she asked which one of us was the singer and tried to battle Andy in a sing-off right in front of everyone at the gas station.

Sexy Heroes

Sexy Heroes
Formed: 2005
Hometown: Upper Saddle River, NJ
Genre: Ha-Punk
Influences: Weird Al, Limp Bizkit, Green Day, NOFX, blink-182
Most Embarrassing Moment: There was a show where Mike’s amp didn’t work, I broke two bass strings, and Nick broke a guitar string. Because of all the difficulties, we only played for about 10 minutes out of the half hour we had.