It’s Always Sunny Play The Beacon Theater! Crazy!

Okay, it’s not exactly music news, but it’s news. The cast of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will be performing their play, The Nightman Cometh (the subject of season 4’s finale) on Sept. 16 at the Beacon Theatre. The Beacon? I remember twiddling my thumbs nervously for a good few months wondering if they’d renew for a fourth season, and now they’re playing the Beacon?

No word yet as to whether they’ll be performing at a similarly sized room in Philadelphia for the more “authentic” experience, even though they film primarily in L.A. Would that they perform “The Gang Solves The Energy Crisis” as well. One can dream.

Tickets run from $39.50 – $59.50. Read more for some crappy YouTube video of the live show.