So what is left for you to expect from the tour since you’ve been touring for the last few years non-stop?

I’m looking forward to everything. I’m looking forward to Europe, like I said, because of the people. I’m looking forward to playing the songs live from the new record.

Yes! Tell me about the new album.

It’s called Felony. It’s not done yet. Aug.18 is the date it’s set to come out. I think it is our most unrelenting, angry, entertaining record that we’ve ever written. We’re excited to share it with our fans. That’s what’s going on. It’s definitely the defining record of our band.

Where do you still find the anger to write? The lyrics are still just as fierce and passionate as when you started.

I tend to be able to hold onto the feelings. Whether it’s anger or aggression or drug abuse or whatever, they’re just pieces of my thoughts.

When you say drug abuse, do you mean you’re a pothead?

I’m just human, we’re both just human. I have the ability to ingest and whatever I do—hallucinogens, uppers, downers—I don’t depend on that; it’s just a part of my life.

That’s a very diplomatic answer. I guess people are interested, what do you do on your down time?

I just like to hang out with my friends. I have hobbies. Right now I’m managing a band called Monsters. They’re amazing; they’re blowing it up right now. Other than that, I just do normal shit.

You’ve been doing this for so long, what keeps you performing?

I don’t pat myself on the back. I don’t tell myself that I’ve become successful or ‘made it.’ Alls I can see is what I can do ahead of me. Once the work is done, alls I can do is more work. I’m not jaded; I appreciate everyone that comes out to our shows to watch our band and as long as they know we appreciate it. We became mainstream, not that we want to be carbon copies, we just became more mainstream. We just love what we do.

Who posts from the band’s Twitter?

Everyone in the band is doing it. It’s another avenue for us to get in touch with our fans. We’ll obviously be on Twitter promoting the new record. To all the fans who follow us on Twitter, shout outs to them.

Final question, what do you want to say to your haters?

We love them and they keep us going. Without our haters, we wouldn’t have the slightest hint of this popularity. If they weren’t talking about us, who would be? All of our fans back us and know what’s up and the haters know what’s up, too, so just keep hating.

Keep your ear out for Felony this August and definitely check out the Thrash And Burn tour when it comes through your town. If this tour is anything like Emmure tours past, it will be a spectacle of down tuning and bear tone gargles from the belly of the beast. If you need a fix before a tour date near you, follow the guys on Twitter (since they update it themselves!).

Felony hits stores Aug. 18. Catch Emmure at Irving Plaza on Aug. 11 and at The Chance on Aug. 12. For more info, visit

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