Interview With Tom DeLonge of blink-182: Older, But Still Not Grown Up

Do you feel that writing the song did something for you guys creatively before going out?

I think so. The best thing was getting on the road and experiencing what the band does for other people. The song is fucking sick, by the way. I was just yelling, ‘It’s so good! How did we fuck up? It’s so good!’ It’s not like we’re embarrassed by it because it’s probably one of the top three songs we’ve ever written. It’s great. But when we first got back together, we started bouncing ideas around. I think all of us were excited to come back and kind of show each other where we’ve been what we’ve learned and how we’ve evolved as individuals and it served that purpose for sure.

Do you have to be in a different headspace for Angels than Blink? Is this two different halves of yourself at this point?

Oh, that’s what I try to explain to people. Both bands are totally me. But they’re so Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I read books on politics, I read books on alternative history, I study. The things that I do to educate myself about the world around me is totally relevant and that’s what I do. But I also in the middle of that will tell stupid jokes and get crazy and act like an imbecile with my friends. It’s not like I have a pipe and an ascot. I still like dick jokes. The cool thing is I really get to be both parts of myself. It’s really funny in how different they are. Angels & Airwaves, before a show, it’s a whole different thing. People make jokes that it’s like church with people crying, and there’s lasers and it’s super epic. With Blink I’m blasting Van Halen and getting really drunk and seeing what happens.

Are there any worries that you’re on too many projects? Do you feel like more of a businessman than an artist sometimes?

No, because the cool thing is I have a lot of good people around me. Modlife is ran by one of the guys who started Guitar Hero and Rock Band. There are rad people running these companies. I’m like a visionary, kind of a macro occasional objective viewer that comes in and gives my two cents, but I really am a musician. That’s where I spend most of my time. I have a few meetings a week where I can try to contribute but I usually do more harm than good. Angels & Airwaves, it takes up most of my time, it takes up almost all my time. But now that Blink just came back into the picture, we have one thing on our plates right now, and that’s this tour. So we’ll see what happens after this tour and how everyone recuperates from it and see what the next plan is. There’s sputterings about Europe, obviously we’re talking about the next record, but it has to fit into everyone’s schedule, and everyone has their things and none of these things are going away and we’ve just got to figure it out.