Interview With Tom DeLonge of blink-182: Older, But Still Not Grown Up

And what’s new with Macbeth?

Well, Macbeth is doing awesome. We have shoes that we just did with Green Day, Mike Dirnt from Green Day. We’re really excited about that one. I have this new one that we’ve been working on for the past year called The Brighton that just came out. It’s taken years for people to understand that you can start a shoe company based on music and it’s probably as far out as an idea when they started a running shoe company called Nike (laughs). But we’ve really proven ourselves to stay true to the classics that we create. We base all of our shoes off shoes that musicians would love, at least our kind of musicians. From Adidas Sambas or the Converse Chuck Taylor. Stuff that punkers and alternative musicians have been wearing forever and it’s great. We do custom stuff for bands like Muse, and My Chemical Romance we did some big charity stuff with them. We have rad artists that we work with. Tegan & Sara, those girls out of Canada, their stuff is so fashionable. We’re small, boutique, but we grew in the worst economy ever, so I’m excited.

I’m sure you have probably an 18-month plan, whether you’re conscious of it or not, where do you see yourself being in five years or 10 years?

My biggest fear I guess is probably what I sense is having two gigantic rock bands (laughs). I don’t know anybody else who has done that and it scares me because what I’m trying to do is simplify. I’m 33 now and I have two kids and you look around you and life isn’t all about the go-go-go, which in your 20s is really easy to do. I’m not quite sure. I don’t know. In five years I honestly see Angels & Airwaves as being a gigantic rock band doing anything and everything it wants to do, from cinema to technology and a lot of different ambitious, artistic ideas. That band is going to push the envelope. Blink, if we do the right record next, we could be in stadiums. That’s proving itself because of this tour. I really think that. Maybe not, but it seems that way to me. But it has to be the right record and it has to be something that we really all go in and focus on and nail. So I guess the next five years, I could have these two things that are monsters but at the same time are equally gratifying in many ways. But I think another big fear I guess is how do you make them both succeed when you start cutting yourself down so thin. You know, I don’t fucking know. I’ll call you in the next five years and tell you (laughs).

blink-182 perform at Nikon At Jones Beach on Aug. 25, PNC Bank Arts Center on Aug. 26, Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden on Aug. 27, the Borgata in Atlantic City on Oct. 3 and Madison Square Garden on Oct. 4.