Various Artists: Good Intentions: The CDs On My Desk

The second part in my “I’ve been meaning to get to this” series. For those who haven’t been keeping up on their Deleted Scenes Home Edition scorecard, I’m trying to clean up the corner of my desk of records I’ve had the best intentions of reviewing but for whatever reason have not gotten to yet. This is looking like an eight-part series. Deep breath!

Satyricon Age Of Nero. I saw these guys at Nokia when they opened up for Cradle Of Filth. The record’s pretty decent, although it comes off as Enslaved-lite. I mostly like that the guy looks like the evil Agent Dale Cooper. Worthwhile.

Serpentcult Weight Of Light. Not engaging at first listen, the riffs here are simple but the thin female vocals drag the album into boring territory. I might be missing something here. Possibly worthwhile, but not keeping.

Earthless’ Live At Roadburn. This two-disc, four song set from instrumetal’s favorites looks promising, but is really just a hell of a lot of soloing. I’m sure this is mind-bending live, but on record, I’m just sort of wondering when they’re going to change keys. Not keeping.

Kreator’s Hordes Of Chaos. This band is awesome. I’ve been meaning to listen to this for months, and I’m kicking myself for every minute I wasn’t. Hordes Of Chaos, much like its predecessor Enemy Of God is Slayer-like in its awesomeness, but a cheaper ticket. I’m in.

Enchantment’s Dance The Marble Naked. A Peaceville reissue of some of the gut-bustingly funny doom vocals I’ve heard in a while. They’re almost certainly not funny on purpose. I wouldn’t call this good, but I’m keeping it to know I have it.

Gods And Queens, self-titled (I think?). This amorphisly-genred shoegazer-esque material is kind of tempting, being that it’s a Robotic Empire release and has some interesting people affiliated and a lot of Quicksand comparisons, but I’m getting the feeling that the effort I put into trying to get it won’t be worth it. Possibly worthwhile, but not keeping.

Edguy’s The Singles and Lost In Space Pt. 1 & 2 by Avantasia. Both reviewed together because Tobias Sammet fronts both acts. Edguy has always reminded me of Bon Jovi power metal, and the grandiose concept of Avantasia sounds like Bon Jovi opera metal. Yeah, not into it.

Suidakra’s Crogacht. Ah, more folk metal. This content in Irish in nature unlike the dominant Scandinavian style, even though the members are from Germany (Lead singer’s name is Arkadius!). Anyway, it’s fairly charming and well-done, more Finntroll than Korpiklaani, I’ll hold onto it.

Capsule’s Blue. Another one I’m annoyed that I didn’t listen to sooner. The most high-profile member being one of Kylesa’s drummers, Eric Hernandez, I was convinced one of the guys from Cave In was in this band. Not the case. But take a listen and you might think the same. Pretty awesome.

Irepress Sol Eye Sea I. Jazz-influenced hardcore in the vein of Between The Buried And Me, but mostly instrumental. Often awkward in their transitions, but not bad. Could probably use a decent singer to go over their lounge-esque sections Probably worthwhile, but I’m not keeping it.

Absu’s Absu. Competent, Texan black metal. Why not?

Candlemass Death Magic Doom. There’s been full reviews of this in the paper already, but it’s worth saying that this just puts a smile to my face. Candlemass are the doom band that’ll make you happy.

Thyrfing Hels Vite. Oh, so this is what this band sounds like. Like a smarter, less popular Amon Amarth, plus the dude from Naglfar. Pretty cool. Holding onto it.

Celan Halo. Ah, the guy from Unsane plus the guitarist from Oxbow and a ton of sludgy riffs to sew together. Pretty decent, particularly as the first track is gripping.