Various Artists: Good Intentions: The CDs On My Desk

Funny enough, despite this being the Good Intentions series, I’m not reviewing one Gorilla Biscuits release. Not a reissue, nothing. Maybe I’ll get one shortly. Until then, here’s more evidence I’m not so hot at reviewing things on time. In fact, the irony of this is while I’m getting to all this old stuff, the upcoming fall releases that I should be listening to now? Yeah, I’m not. I’ll just try my best. And you?

Harvey Milk Life… The Best Game In Town. Good eats, if you like Melvins pie. And I do. Keeping.

The Roller self-titled. There’s definitely substance to this doomy psychedelic quartet, but the delivery is hit-or-miss. Could be something here though. Merits further investigation.

Gridlink Amber Gray. This kind of superfast, ultra abrasive technical grind I’m really happy exists, but I don’t really enjoy listening to all that often. This will be donated.

Various Artists E.A.K. / Crushing Sun Split. A split of Portuguese metal acts through the lusophonic Major Label Industries. E.A.K.’s got some much-deserved Converge comparisons for all the right reasons. Crushing Sun is a little more indebted to Lamb Of God style American heavy metal. Keeping it for the E.A.K.

Stinking Lizaveta Sacrifice And Bliss. You know that feeling you get when you buy a record that gives you an immediately satisfaction the moment you pop it into a player? Imagine it’s been sitting on your desk for months. God I’m stupid. Keeping.

Roadsaw See You In Hell! You know, there isn’t much to this stoner quintet’s eleven-track full-length, but what’s there is worth barbequing to. Which is really all you can ask of it. Keeping.

Equilibrium Saga. Um, German (?) pagan metal. I’m getting really tired of this genre, and these boys are just a little too silly in all the wrong ways (Korpiklaani being the right ways) to make it worthwhile. The keyboards sound like I’m about to fight Bowser, and that’s not as awesome as it sounds. Pass.

Noism ±. Like Aphex Twin meets Mick Barr, plus Japanese. Wow. Keeping.

Otis Exiled. This whole album has a “Shevil” from Stoner Witch feel in terms of production, if not volume. Awesomely hazy. Keeping

Autopsy Severed Survival reissue. An offshoot of the Death-led Florida death metal scene, Autopsy’s first release isn’t a watershed for the genre (Death beating them to it), but this is still quite the release, and a remastered one at that. Keeping.

Cave Psychic Psummer. Trippy rock that kind of melds into dub at times, stonerish instrumentals at others. Pretty groovy, but not gripping. Hmm. May donate to local music-starved hippie. On second thought, that might be me someday. Might hold onto it after all.

Urn Soul Destroyers. Finnish death metal of the blackened variety with extra thrash on the side. Pretty good, but not remarkably so. Might keep it. Might not.

Netherbird The Ghost Collector. This started off as adorable black metal, but got a little too theatric for my tastes. I don’t need children doing Oliver Twist-esque dialogue in the middle of songs. Points for goofy organ tone though. Not keeping.

Geisha Die Verbrechen der Liebe. Yeah, I guess this art-noise-rock is cool and all, but I’m not going to pretend I’m going to listen to it. Sounds like it was more fun to make anyway. Not keeping.

Thergothon Stream From The Bottom reissue. This might be the slowest record I’ve ever heard. An influential mid-‘90s funeral doom album (the sole official release from the band), it’s rough around the edges, but it still sounds original after 16 years. Keeping.

Solefald Neonism. Preachy social lyrics sung in an Eric Idle impersonation mixed with all sorts of would-be-prog, death metal and various weirdness. Foppish. Not keeping.

Giant Brain Thorn Of Thrones. Cheeky stoner instrumental act. I’d say instrumetal, but they’re doing a lot more than that, like the Arabian “Asian Love Song What?” Score. Keeping.

Horde Of Hel Blodskam. Surprisingly dull blackened death metal that’s main selling point is they sing in Swedish and English. Not keeping.

U.S. Christmas Eat The Low Dogs. Well, they’re better on record than they were when they opened for Neurosis in Brooklyn last year, but this is far from my first choice of psych to do any baking to. Will keep.