Rammstein: Liebe Ist Für Alle Da

Much of the focus on Liebe Ist Für Alle Da has revolved around the single, “Pussy” and more specifically, its video, which is essentially a full-fledged porno depicting the various members of Rammstein having sex with computer-altered female versions of themselves. This is a band that has been setting itself on fire on stage for about 15 years—it’s a surprise that they could do anything to shock the senses at this point, but they have yet again.

But when it comes down to the music on Liebe, it’s not vastly different from the German pop metal that the band has been reliably delivering. In fact, in certain ways, it’s a step back toward some of their simpler beginnings (particularly “Mehr” and “Ich Tu Dir Weh”) that remind of their earliest singles—something underlined on the opening track “Rammlied” which uses the “Rammstein” chant from the song on Herzeleid, their first record, that they just love going back to.

Yet there’s still that Rammstein that wants to write something head-turning (and not just “Pussy” with its verse ‘I’ve got a pussy / you’ve got a dick, a / so what’s the problem?’). Their showtune-meets-new wave cut, “Haifisch,” is great fun, as is its opposing mood, the German take on Spaghetti western-esque “Roter Sand” closing off the record.

Rammstein do leave a little wanting on this record. Having established that they’re so adept at the pop form in different methods, the renewed focus on ‘90s-style metal riffs is slightly unnecessary, and makes for a choppy listen. Still, there’s only one Rammstein, and if anything, they know how to get your attention.

In A Word: Sensational