Lexappeall: Holidays A’Coming, Brand New, & AFI

What am I thankful for this holiday season? Vincent Accardi for being the ridiculously handsome man he is and that I get to see him next weekend. Brand New, GlassJaw, Thrice, Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine will be playing next Saturday at Nassau Colisseum, you all better be there! Bring me leftover stuffing, kthanks.

Recapping my week, Roseland Ballroom echoed my early adolescent years during AFI’s set. The fact that music has the power to immediately warp me back seven years and allows me to feel that way again…amazing. At the same time, I’ve never seen so much goth-life guy-liner before. Haha. Despite any baby-momma drama that went down in the green room at the Silverstein show, I had a great time catching up with my friends in the Word Alive and Madina Lake. Aren’t the twins just the cutest thing ever? My real friends shined brightly that night, and the shitheads were shown for what they are.

Tonight I’ll be hanging out at the School of Rock for the Hit The Lights show! It’s going to be a good night, without a doubt. I can’t wait to see everyone! My Saturday plans are all screwed since GaryFTP dropped his show at the Meatlocker so I’m still in search of a show that night, if you know of one, email me!

I’ll be taking it nice and easy next week for the holidays, possibly seeing Saosin and Eye Alaska on Black Friday and of course Brand New’s hometown show on Saturday.

Keep entering our Bands On the Verge Contest! We’ve been hearing some great stuff!

See you all around!

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