After 20 years of touring and performing together, Phish broke up in 2004. Five years later and this influential American band is back together and on tour once again. Phish was created in 1983 by a group of college students in Vermont. With little guidance and a lot of ideas, these guys created a new era of jam music full of everything from funk to reggae to bluegrass. Now 26 years later and thousands of “Phish heads” are jumping at the chance to see this band in action again. Once again selling out arenas, this jam band is still recognized for their amazing improvisational skills and stellar light shows that go along with each and every show. Promoting the recent release of their 14th studio album, Joy, Phish will be playing at Madison Square Garden in NYC from Dec. 2 through Dec. 4. $50.

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  1. Thom Miller

    phish is one of the most annoying and boring bands ever. It’s totally devoid of everything rock-n-roll, or anything chuck berry. Once music is devoid of anything rock-n-roll, it is purely lame and unexciting. Phish heads may even be worse then phish. I wish they had stayed broken up.


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