Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra: Performing Parades

Artfully crafted Danish toybox rock (and/or classical) flows from Efterklang, this time with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra culled from their recent tour. The main quartet of the band (with their normal cadre of extra live performers helping) teamed with a chamber orchestra as well to create a large, warm sound for Parades, their jocular 2007 sophomore full-length that goes along with the concert film created for the music.

So it’s a lot to take in.

But onto the music. The jovial but calming aura about the rather formless but resonating pieces (as they barely seem like songs) is really quite something, and the seamless integration of unusual instrumentation and timbres in the live setting (thanks, acoustics) creates a Fantasia-like effect that is confirmed (but very different) when viewing the concert film that accompanies the work.

And that’s just for the concert film. Over half of these 11 songs have separate music videos not related to the concert film, and then there’s a documentary about the recreation of the album live. If I had to call Performing Parades (or Parades itself) anything but visual, it would be hallucinatory.

It’s an odd (and intense) introduction to Efterklang and Parades in general, but it’s accurate. Some fans may prefer the studio versions but anyone with a mild interest in the slightly-soft rocking Danes would do well to investigate here.

In A Word: Visual