Who are The Residents? No one knows! With their white suits, eyeball heads, and top hats, The Residents are pretty much the Teletubbies gone awfully wrong. Dating back to 1969, the unidentified band members have made some of the most disoriented avant-garde music that to some people still remains ahead of it’s time. Being influenced by Captain Beefheart, The Residents have made over 60 albums and have covered songs by Elvis and James Brown. Be ready for their exceptionally visual performance when they play Webster Hall on Feb. 9. No logic allowed. Ages 18 and up. residents.com.

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  1. creatured

    I seen the Philly show and was my 1st Rez show even though I’ve been a fan for 25+ years. If anyone else has taped them too, get in touch for trades. I made 2 Philly recordings. 24/44 & Analog.
    Oh yeah, It was a great show.


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