Daughters: Daughters

With this eponymous fourth studio recording from Providence, RI,-based Daughters, the band has proved to any doubters that you can, in fact, produce an eight-song record, nearly 30 minutes in length, comprised almost entirely of minor seconds.

Indeed, the most discordant of musical intervals is used and abused throughout their latest chaotic opus. Daughters is a straight-ahead, tooth-grinding sprint to no place in particular. You get the sense that the band doesn’t care where they wind up as long as everything along the way is completely devastated.

If you’re in the right state of mind; a little frustrated and possibly drunk—or at least on your way, there’s no question Daughters could be just the thing to amplify your condition. Unfortunately, to the sound mind, the record can get repetitive at an obnoxious level thanks to its prolonged vamping and previously mentioned dissonance worship. Eight songs is a respectable number for an album however you might get the same gratification by simply putting any single track on repeat.

Any fan of Coalesce, The Locust, early Dillinger Escape Plan, or modern hardcore will really get into Daughters (Ha!) but if you’re looking for something a little more varied, it’s probably not for you.

In A Word: Jarring