Zechs Marquise: Brotherly Love With Zechs Marquise

For anyone with successful siblings, the key is to break out and be your own butterfly or whatever. This is exactly what Zechs Marquise, started by Marfred and Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez, the brothers of Mars Volta founder Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, have done. They’re not sitting in their parents’ living room wishing Omar had never been born. And they’re not riding on the coattails of Mars Volta’s success, either (well, maybe a little). They’re creating distinct songs that mix funk, psychedelic and rock, so get off your ass, stop griping at your parents that they should have had you first, and go get a job that showcases your own unique talents, for Christsakes. Zechs Marquise play three shows at the Gramercy Theater March 25, 26, and 27, 8 p.m., $18, all-ages. zechsmarquise.com.