Muse / Silversun Pickups @ Madison Square Garden

NEW YORK, NY—Once I entered the arena I was curious to see how much of the Garden Muse actually sold out. Sometimes the entire back section of the arena is closed off, but not this time. Every single seat was filled! I caught a few songs from Silversun Pickups. For some reason, the Pickups remind me of the early ‘90s grunge scene so the sound was somewhat reminiscent for me. The crowd also seemed to sing along to some of their songs, surprisingly! During the intermission, Matt Pinfield from 101.9 WRXP came up to give props to the Pickups and introduce Muse. He said, “Don’t miss the first few songs, you’re going to want to see them,” which got the crowd riled up.

Once Muse took the stage, each of the three members was on their own gigantic pedestal which had video on all four sides. It looked like they were each atop their own skyscraper and each side of the buildings had a different camera image of the band members in different colors. They played like this for a few songs. And then I started to not feel the band camaraderie since they were so far apart and separated by these “skyscrapers” and were about 50 feet above the stage. They opened set with “Uprising” followed by “Resistance” (just like on their CD). Then they played “New Born” off Origin Of Symmetry and the “buildings” came down. They were all on the stage together. Other songs included “Supermassive Black Hole” and the crowd went nuts, this was first single off their last album, Black Holes & Revelations.

They slowed down a little with the next two songs then they went into “Hysteria” in which the fans sang along to. They went into a mix of other songs, including “United States Of Eurasia” in which the singer also played the piano, which was nice to see, and made me appreciate their musical talent that much more. I’d have to say the best part of the concert came when they started playing “Undisclosed Desires” and the next four songs which were all hits. “Starlight” came on and this was probably the loudest the crowd got, as he went into the chorus, he stopped singing and let the crowd sing in which you could hear all of MSG participating. It was a goose bump moment for me. After “Starlight “they went into “Plug In Baby” and then “Time Is Running Out” which had the same reaction as “Starlight.” The show was visually appealing, trippy in a way that went hand in hand with Muse’s sound.