The Undead: I Made A Monster & I Want You Dead

Even though it may seem like everyone was in The Misfits, there are only a handful worth naming. No dude, being the Misfits’ drummer for a week before they were called The Misfits doesn’t get you on their Wikipedia page! Or does it? I remember Bobby Steele’s name because he never wears a shirt, he “invented” the East Village and hardcore among other things, and he’s in The Undead.

I Made A Monster is a fun charged punk EP that features three songs. While the title track is guitar heavy with haunting horror punk styled lyrics, the B-sides, “Sometimes You Gotta Laugh At Yourself” and “I Go Ape” are catchy punk songs with simple chord progressions and raspy vocals. It sounds a lot like The Dickies, but around 100 times slower. You could definitely hear the old school punk sound, but it has a few stabs of horror punk goodness in it. Even though it’s is a lo-fi recording and it does sound a little tired at times, it adds to the scratchy charm of the EP.

For the LES punk collector, a second EP was recently reissued, I Want You Dead, the original 1981 demo featuring five songs and a clever little coffin mirror.

Bobby Steele has been in the punk scene for a long time and though it may seem he’s riding out the “I was in the Misfits” line, at least he’s putting out a lot of new songs and not just singing the same Misfits’ songs over and over again. It’s cool when grandpa punks just make simple punk songs, still play gigs, and still don’t care what other people think after all these years.

In A Word: Uncomplicated