Backseat Dreamer: The Colors Of Dreams, They’re In You

Backseat Dreamer, the moniker used by solo artist Sean Neuse, is perfectly apt for this ambient record. Built on a foundation of glitchy, light beats and electronic embellishments, Neuse’ gentle, breathy voice seems like a whisper of reassurance to the listener that they’re in good hands. Recalling Daft Punk’s Homework as filtered through dreamier pop, each track on The Colors Of Dreams, They’re In You, could be the last one played at an all night dance party or a late night house party.

While each track is similar to the previous one, there’s a consistency that keeps the album together, allowing you to be engulfed in its strange warmth without feeling anxious to change cds immediately. A dance record for those who don’t care much for it, it’s easy to imagine Mr. Neuse just wanting to put out a good AM radio type of record. There’s a quality to the beats and vocals that, while catchy and repetitive, isn’t at all pompous or pretentious. Imagine what MGMT would sound like on a smaller label and less eccentric and you’ll begin to have a good idea of what you’d be getting into with listening to this.

The album has a forward momentum that caries it to its goal in the end, but it’s not perfect if only for the fact that it doesn’t swerve off in unexpected directions. Consistency is a brilliant thing to be capable of, but halfway through, you want to hear something radically different than the dreamy sound scapes that Sean has made. With The Colors Of Dreams, he’s made a focused album that shows promise. Now all he has to do is relax a little bit and see where else his imagination can take him.

In A Word: Promising