The Cinnamon Band: All Dressed

John Harouff and Neil Campbell, known together as the Cinnamon Band, create a work of beauty on their debut EP, All Dressed. Concocting tracks that sound like Limbeck meets Iron & Wine with louder electric guitars. They’re definitely onto something here.

The four songs have a relational alchemy that’s perfect and gorgeous. Whether it’s the way the stark and lush “I’m Asking You” segues into the more laidback “Buena Vista” or that it ends with the plaintive mantra like “Nobody But Me,” there’s magic to be found. The rich harmonies clean electric guitars and up-tempo rhythms make this an EP you’ll want to hear again.

The Cinnamon Band seems to just be getting their feet wet with All Dressed, and they are definitely a duo to watch. Their sound is sonically rich and carefully assembled; both old fashioned and deeply modern. It’ll be great to see them expand their horizons and make full length records worth hearing.

In A Word: Gorgeous