Laslow: A Quality Of Light

While looking through inner sleeve of Laslow’s CD case I was struck by a picture of a guy, presumably Drew Thurston, playing a double-neck bass guitar. From the onset I could tell that these guys were serious musicians who put a considerable amount of time into their musical pursuits. However, Laslow play a very subtle style of music that could best be compared to modern folk music. The music features the basic gamut of instruments; drums, guitars, bass and vocals and its all performed by two brothers, Eli and Drew Thurston.

The music is very simple on the outside but it’s expertly crafted and well layered. The rhythms and melodies are not the conventional insipid strumming usually associated with folk music. Eli’s guitar playing is very rhythmic and it’s impressive that he can play the way he does while singing and harmonizing with his guitar.

Drew is the one man army behind the drum set and on the bass. His drumming is tasteful and light, while his bass work gives the music a good platform to operate from. Admittedly, I did not hear anything in the way of double-necked bass tricks and that was a little disappointing but this isn’t really the sort of music known for explosive drum work or mind-bending bass playing. The music has a feel good quality about it, and their sound is highly accessible to anyone willing to listen. Overall, with A Quality Of Light, Laslow have crafted a very good folk album worthy of any folk fan’s collection.

In a word: Listenable