Maserati: Pyramid Of The Sun

Some bands are simply cinematic. Even Maserati’s album title has a highly visual name, Pyramid Of The Sun. Their music shimmers from one track to the next and can leave one in a congenial stupor. Every track flows well into the next, almost as though they wrote and recorded all their music in the same session.

From what I understand, the synths are a recent addition and they really add a new dimension to their expansive sound. Their sweeping, majestic feel is something of a treasure in the music scene. They effortless straddle and blur the line between heavy and progressive and form something that is beyond both classifications.

With a band of this caliber, or any band for that matter, it is sad to hear of the passing of a member. Maserati have used the passing of Jerry Fuchs, the drummer, to make this album into something that is celebratory as well as introspective. Some songs have amazingly groovy sections that could get even the most puritanical person on the dance floor while other sections are slow, just as groovy, but also psychedelic. The fact that a band could have conceived combining such a diversity of sounds within a single release is mind-blowing. This is definitely one of the coolest albums to be released this year and should be on everyone’s wish list.

In A Word: Somnambulistic