The Jersey Syndicate: The Jersey Syndicate

Rock like this still exists? To get an idea of how traditional this sounds, just think of those ridiculously funny infomercials with Brett Michaels holding an acoustic guitar while he attempts to sell audiences on some ‘80’s-‘90’s hard rock. However, this isn’t a Brett Michaels album, and it is actually something worth owning.

The Jersey Syndicate are a sextet consisting of a vocalist, two guitarists, bassist, drummer and a keyboardist. The trademark of the band’s sound is without a doubt the voice of Stevie Samay. Her voice has a sexy, husky quality to it, but also a perceptible strength. Even during the album’s ballad, Stevie bursts through with the power and confidence that is so necessary for a successful front-woman. Far too many bands depend on one member to carry the music while they play lackluster nods to their favorite bands or biggest influences. The Jersey Syndicate are just what their name implies, a group of people working towards a (good) end, making enjoyable rock for serious and casual fans alike.

Sometimes people don’t want bells and whistles attached to their music, they want some good, relatable rock to listen to and the Jersey Syndicate deliver just that. If you’re one of the aforementioned people or you just want to listen to some traditional rock ‘n’ roll give this a try.

In A Word: Solid