Echo Revolution: Counterfeit Sunshine

Aside from having one of the best album names ever, Echo Revolution also make some cool music. Each song has a warm wonderland vibe that brings to mind endless rows of golden sunflowers and fathomless blue skies for miles around. They are from the Sunshine State of California, and it can be heard in the music. Their songs are incredibly peaceful, each one lilting, never clashing with beautiful melodies that could get even the worst of enemies to sit down and enjoy some quality time together.

The fact that their instrumentation is so bright and happy while their vocalist/guitarist, and the star around which the album revolves Lee Harding, holds onto a sense of melancholy that seems to play on the album title, Counterfeit Sunshine. I can always appreciate when a band has a reason for their titles.

There is an obvious Beatles influence on Echo Revolution’s music, but it isn’t overwhelming and luckily it just stays as just an influence; a reminder of where they intend to go musically.

In A Word: Pacifying