Interview with Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail: Walking Through The Fire

After forming in 2002, Senses Fail released and EP, two full-length albums, and quickly became a massively successful band. Founding vocalist Buddy Nielsen, drummer Dan Trapp, guitarists Dave Miller and Garrett Zablocki and bassist Mike Glitta released Let It Enfold You in 2004 and Still Searching in 2006, and quickly began touring and playing gigs like Warped Tour. After some lineup changes, the band was regrouped and released their third studio album, Life Is Not A Waiting Room. After many more releases, lineup changes and tours, things for the New Jersey-born band are looking up.

Their newest release, The Fire hit shelves on Oct. 26. I was able to speak with Buddy, about the new release, recent events and future touring plans.

What was the writing process like for your new album?

Same as it’s usually been. I mean it takes a couple months after touring. Basically we just start jamming out and stuff and then piecing it together and making a record out of it.

This was your first release with Zack replacing Heath. How was it different from the other ones?

He didn’t write anything for the record so it really wasn’t that different besides just missing Heath. It wasn’t that different.

In your opinion, is writing and recording more enjoyable, or traveling and touring.

I think they’re both enjoyable in different ways. I mean, you get sick and tired of doing both of them. You get sick and tired of being in the fucking studio working on something till you just don’t even know if it’s good anymore. Then when you’re on tour you get sick of the travel and the monotony, but you also get extremely excited when you have a finished product when you work on something, and you look at the record and realize that it’s really paid off. Then the same thing with touring, you get to play shows every night.

Your new album is titled The Fire. What was your inspiration?

It was just like… I don’t want to say hard shit… but just a lot of rough patches in the band in the last two years and kind of representative of how we all felt. Like we felt like we walked through a tragedy… or the fire… and come out on the other side. And that was kind of this record to me, kind of those struggles and that journey.

What was your favorite song on the new album and why?

I like “New Year’s Eve.” I think it’s a fun song to play live and I like the lyrics a lot.

Did you use the new album to try anything new in terms of sound or style?

I mean a little bit. There’s definitely some new elements. I think we went back to some of the things we did early in our career more so than moving forward. I think we went back to some stuff that we did really well that we might’ve neglected on the last two records. It kind of got more of a straightforward vibe.

What songs are you playing live off the new album? Any specific reasons?

We’re playing “The Fire” and “Lifeboats.” They’re all good songs and they stand out on the record.

You’re currently on tour with Bayside. How’s that going?

It’s going great. Except for today; I’m fucking sick and our trailer’s broken. And I woke up hung over and I have to deal with this shit. And it was a pain in the ass and I’m pissed off about it and I can’t fucking breathe right now. I want to kill someone. So I feel like shit and I’m dealing with the trailer and I’m hung over. Yesterday was cool but today sucks.

Are there any bands that you want to play with in the future?

Trapped Under Ice and H2O. They’re fucking awesome bands.

What are your plans for after this winter’s tour?

We’re going overseas next year then back to America for some more shows.

Do you guys have any plans to write for another release any time soon?

Nope, not yet.

Senses Fail will be playing at the Starland Ballroom on Nov. 24 and the Gramercy Theatre on Nov. 26. For more info,