Killing The Dream: Lucky Me

Killing The Dream are here to stay. Their sound is visceral and symptomatic of a scene that has fallen into shambles in recent years; they’re pissed and they want to change things. Rehashing the scraps of their predecessors is not for these guys. Like the perfect courtier, they make their intentions known from the start. I was thinking Converge-lite, but Killing The Dream had other plans that involved a soaring post-rock section, complete with a tasteful cello accompaniment. Yes!

“We’re Here To Destroy” is the first line of the intro track. The music is a deluge of florescent, conflagrant and proud hardcore that will shatter the mold and leave a mark. These guys have quite a few influences, they’re hard to pin but it’s evident from the amount of stuff they’re able to throw into this 20 minutes of mayhem. If you’re not careful, you might even think you’re listening to a few different bands or a sampler platter of delectable hardcore.

Therein lies the only problem with this album. Yes, it’s verbose and Miltonic in what it sets out to do. Yes, it sounds pretty good, but sometimes it just appears a little unfocused, and it needs to be longer! 20 minutes just isn’t enough time for them to do what they set out to do.

In A Word: Ambitious