Pendulum: Immersion

Immersion begins with an epic introduction, fit for an action movie. At this point, Pendulum set high hopes for the rest of the record. The electronic drum and bass rhythms were catchy and upbeat and although the songs started to sound like a drum machine loop after a while, they were always exciting. The music is fit for a club or a rock concert. A great mixture of dance/electronica and rock.

It wasn’t until the first single, “Watercolour,” on track three, where vocals were first prominently featured. The mixture of the smooth singing and upbeat, bass-heavy music showed that this album wasn’t mere drum loops, but also one that had depth.

“The Island Pt. I (Dawn)” and “The Island Pt. II (Dusk)” are perfect examples of how Pendulum is a blend of two totally different styles. While part one is a bit slow, and has more rock elements, part two sounds more like an electronic remix. Pendulum’s style is definitely unique in the sense that screams, techno, and heavy bass and drums are all mixed into single songs.

Immersion isn’t for everybody, however. While fans of rock and electronica may like it, it’s an exotic mix that will only appeal to some people. The lack of real melodies during some periods and the addition of multiple “techno” beats may turn off listeners, while enticing others to give it a listen. You might enjoy the fast pace tunes, as well as the smooth and strong vocals. Immersion is definitely worth a try.

In A Word: Ecstatic