Plain White T’s: Wonders Of The Younger

If you know the Plain White T’s, chances are that you know them for their 2005 hit single, “Hey There Delilah.” If you’re looking for the same exciting, fast-paced feeling that album had in the new one, then you may be disappointed. The band really tries to expand their horizons and talents through this record, experimenting with styles that are new to the Plain White T’s. They lost a bit of the fast paced rock, and focused more on acoustic elements, changing the dynamic of their songs.

For fans of their older work, there are still some new tunes that will remind you of past songs. The two singles, “Rhythm Of Love” and the soon to be released “Boomerang,” as well as “Broken Record” all have similar qualities to popular aspects of the band: upbeat, exciting, but still with their trademark electric and acoustic combination. “Rhythm Of Love” is a sure hit, which will draw old fans, as well as new fans. It’s the best mixture of the sounds of previous albums, as well as the new tastes.

This being said, I think that the rest of the record strays a bit too far from the image most people have of the band. The elements they experimented with take too much away from their lyric-driven style, and made them sound like a new group. This softer and slower album felt as if they took a whole new approach to music, and drifted from their old ways. The songs weren’t un-enjoyable; it just wasn’t what I expected. They were still soothing and had a relaxed feel, but Wonders Of The Younger just isn’t what I would associate with the Plain White T’s.

In A Word: Drifting