Phineas And The Lonely Leaves: The Kids We Used To Be

With a sweet and catchy piano melody, the acoustic/indie rock band Phineas And The Lonely Leaves kicks off their first album since 2007. The band, from Peekskill, NY, is set to release The Kids We Used To Be on Feb. 22. The disc combines acoustic ballads with piano driven melodies to go along with Timothy Feeney’s clear voice and personal lyrics. Each song talks about memories from Feeney, in what is essentially a giant flashback in a smooth, narrative tone. Nearly all of the songs talk about past summers: growing up, jamming out with a few friends, lighting fireworks and getting inebriated.

The first song “The Kids We Used To Be” is about being underage, dropping out of college, getting wasted and just having fun. “Come Back To Peekskill” talks about wanting to reunite with a loved one, with a syncopated piano and addicting chorus. “Next Summer” is a fairly simple track, yet turning point of the album, with some friends sitting around a campfire, gazing up into the stars and realizing they are getting older.

Perhaps the CD doesn’t seem to have the best rhymes and lyrics, but there are a few songs that are enjoyable, like “The Bros. Of Summer” and “Dead Right” If you are looking for some harmonious acoustics and piano melodies then you will enjoy it. But, on the whole, the disc does seem to lack some variety and depth.

In A Word: Discouraged