Disgust is the first impression this album gives off. It’s like a pulsating mass of negativity that occasionally treads on the same trail blazed by black metal and noise rock. This release, however, is really hard to pin down. Yes, there are moments where some light tremolo picking will rear its ugly head, but this isn’t a black metal album. This is the soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse; the music is slow and plodding for the most part, like a zombie stalking the scent of its potential victim.

The cover art is absolutely vile, and it depicts a rodent-wolf aberration feasting on the spilled entrails of a fawn. Brutal stuff, to be certain. However, it’s not brutal as much as it creates an oppressive and desolate atmosphere.

The ponderousness of this release could make it a taxing experience for anyone who isn’t equipped with the sonic know-how to navigate such a gargantuan release. Evil Walks lumbers in at exactly one hour and it barely accelerates past the mid-tempo range, yet it’s eerily easy to listen to.

An inoffensive release due to its noise/drone undercurrent, but it’s boisterous in its ability to overwhelm the listener with its dark and despairing atmosphere. Korperschwache’s Evil Walks is truly a collector’s album in that it will only appeal to a very select audience, but for those who would be interested, this is a worthy album to add to the collection.

In A word: Lumbering

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