Fun extract, taken from the veins of young children, is an apt way to describe this. It’s a very lively release in a way that most albums can never touch. The guitars, bass, drums and vocals give off an undeniably fun vibe. This is rare, considering that bands often have such Miltonic goals when crafting an album. How often have bands attempted to do things that they really shouldn’t have just in the name of innovation?

Bayside aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel with Killing Time, instead they’re just advancing their sound in small ways that come together to make this a good release. Anthony Raneri’s lyricism is worthy of commendation, he’s got a clever way with words that other bands wish they had.

This album doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet it still remains good throughout. It’s accessible, but not in that annoying, grasping way that so many bands try to pass off as authentic; it just happened that way. This isn’t the most original release, but it’s got its own legs and stands confidently behind a sound that has become trite in recent times due to over proliferation. Despite this, it’s a hard album not to enjoy and worthy of a listen, if you’ve got the time.

In A Word: Enlivening

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