Communipaw: Big Blue

There is always something special about bands that record in basement studios; Communipaw isn’t excluded from this statement. The band recorded their LP, Big Blue, out in a “semi-rural” area in NJ. The four-piece has a melodious, alternative country rock sound with deep lyrics that sink into that soft spot in the listener’s heart. It reminds me a lot of Band Of Horses.

Through his vocals, Brian Bond really makes the listener feel a rush of emotions. The lyrics on this album are so incredibly truthful and easy to relate to. “Twinkle,” the first and longest track on the disc, starts off upbeat and then mellows out. The chorus, despite the gloomy content is pretty catchy. At the halfway point of Big Blue, “Moondog,” can very well be the listener’s next breakup song. “Plastic” has a more positive tempo and lyrics to match. The instrumentals on “Overseas” are extremely relaxing and would work well as a strictly instrumental track. What really caught me off guard was how “Everyone’s Baby” started extremely soft but ends with a bang with hard-hitting drums and guitar. The closing track, “Photo Machine,” has an elated yet gloomy vibe to it, yet it is still satisfying.

The release, in its entirety, is something that you can just put on, relax and sway to. As far as strong tracks and weak tracks go, “I Wanted You” would probably be my vote for weakest track and it is a three-way tie between “Twinkle,” “Carry Me Away” and “Moondog” for strongest track, with “Photo Machine” coming in as an honorable mention.

In A Word: Meloncholy