The Sewing Circle: I Saw Stars

Their sweet-as-molasses sound is what sets The Sewing Circle apart from other bands. This is a short album of only five songs, but it’s a high quality release. Each song could stand on its own as a single, yet they mesh well enough that it feels like an album, rather than a collage of songs.

The melodious lines on this album will be stuck in your head for weeks afterward, the main keyboard melody in “Love Games” is simple, but there is something incredibly endearing about it, it has a, shimmering, meditative and contemplative sound that contrasts nicely with the driving power chords that follow it. Songs like “Buzz-Light-Year” are reminiscent of Bloc Party in that it’s upbeat, yet has driving a pace that would make it a fine tune to cruise to. “Five Cigarettes” pokes fun at so many people’s desire for fame and glory with its chorus line: “I can’t wait to be a rock star”

I’m convinced this album is a manifestation of outright euphoria. Each song, minus “Until Now,” has a groovy, melodic sound that would fit in at any party. However, I wouldn’t write this album off as just a happy album, it manages to portray a wealth of emotions, while still being accessible, listenable and not cheesy. This is a worthy investment for any fan of pop.

In A Word: Ecstatic