This Will Destroy You: Tunnel Blanket

Hailing from San Marcos, Texas, is the instrumental rock band This Will Destroy You. Since their formation in 2005, they have released two EPs and their first full-length album, This Will Destroy You, in 2008. Tunnel Blanket, their sophomore effort, is set to be released on May 10 and it contains eight lengthy tracks, which make up about an hour.

“Little Smoke,” the first song, is one of the darkest tunes I have ever heard. No vocals are uttered, yet it sounds like the end of the world is coming. At 12 minutes in length, it will make you wonder what the hell just happened. A little less gloomy is “Glass Realms,” which contains some remarkable keyboards by Donovan Jones. The music comes a bit more into clarity with “Communal Blood,” as the drums from Alex Bhore really come into light.

“Killed The Lord, Left For The New World” is probably the best tune on the disc. It’s relatively calm and it makes you feel as if you’re going to be conquering the globe. The CD closes out with “Powdered Hand.” It’s basically the complete opposite of the first track, as it’s nowhere near as dark and appears a bit uplifting and emotional. The words spoken in this song are a bit obscure, as well.

A bit speechless, I’m pretty confused as to what I have just listened to. There isn’t much guitar or drums present, or even singing for that matter, but it seems like This Will Destroy You would light up a smoke-filled venue with interesting sounds and effects.

In A Word: Bizarre