New Brunswick natives Dinosaur Eyelids is an alternative rock band that has been working hard over the past few years. Their latest album, Down A River, was recently released and the local group takes you on a 55-minute ride spanning 14 songs.

The guitar heavy “Maelstrom Of Malevolence” has a nice blend of riffs and vocals, in which Evan Staats sounds a bit like Kurt Cobain. “Show Me Your Way Out” is one of the shorter tracks, though the instrumentals are quite impressive. A strange twist occurs on the fourth song, “Across The Sea.” It is much slower than the first three tunes, though Staats voice gets much higher and clearer while describing how he’s just floating along.

Drummer Daniel Fishtein makes himself known on “Blood Beat.” It is probably the best track on the CD, as the drums come alive and battle with Patrick McKnight’s guitars. “Conditionals” is a tad slower and it contains some emotional lyrics, stating how good things can never last. At nearly eight minutes long, “21 Gram Salute” rounds out the disc.

This album wasn’t too bad. It’s one of the better alternative rock CDs that I’ve heard in a little while. Being that it is only their sophomore album, I look for them to grow, as this is definitely a step in the right direction.

In A Word: Solid

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