Long Distance Calling: Long Distance Calling

Known for writing lengthy songs, the self-titled by Long Distance Calling stayed true to the German band’s style with an average track length of eight minutes. The pure instrumentals of the album allow the band’s musicianship to shine through the mix. The record is filled with catchy riffs on both guitar and bass that never get repetitive, while drums progress the songs without becoming boring or over powering. Although many critics believe that Long Distance Calling has strongly limited their potential audience by not having a front man/vocalist personality in the band, this album proves that their songs speak for themselves, and do well even without what some people see as an essential portion of a band.

With that being said, on this album, ex-Anthrax vocalist John Bush makes an appearance on the track “Middleville.” Through this song, Long Distance Calling shows that their talents don’t only pertain to purely instrumental tracks, but they can also support a vocalist. The talents of the band become more and more clear through each track on the album.

The fast-paced “Arecibo” impressed me with its trippy and fun guitar riffs, while the bass was the star of “The Figrin D’an Boogie,” with the mix attempting to showcase the bassist’s fast fingers.

Although I am not usually a fan of the genre, Long Distance Calling opened my eyes to a new and exciting way to view this music. The instrumental progressive rock featured on this album proved their musicianship and immense talents on their respective instruments. This release made me a fan of Long Distance Calling.

In A Word: Impressive