Anti-Social Music: Is The Future Of Everything

So what do you get when a bunch of new and emerging New York musicians get together and just write music? You get the band Anti-Social Music. The vocals provided by Kamala Sankaram during “Kyrie,” “Gloria,” Sanctus” and “Agnus Dei” are simply chilling yet they serve the songs well. “Correction” has a semi-optimistic feel to it but switches to an ominous tone.

Suspense is built through the pacing of the instruments in “Apparitions Of The Industrial Wasteland.” However, contrasting the suspense, “Accordion Fold” provides a more peaceful feeling. “Not True!” is fast, squeaky and unappealing to the ear. “Not Enough!” is also quick-paced but deeper, which makes this easier to listen to. Other than the trombone, nothing in particular stands out in “Richard Foreman Has Not Given Up At Making Theater.”

In “Prologue (Watermark)” a haunting feeling is conveyed over the listener through both the instrumentals and through Sankaram. “Every Four Years” has a dancing gypsy and storytelling feel to it. During “Nightmare In La-La Land” one might question Sankaram’s sanity during her vocal performance, but it is still enjoyable. A modern rock meets ‘50s malt shop sound is evident during “Bull Elk,” which provides an interesting switch up for the composition. “Fear” gives off a carefree vibe despite its name and “Epilogue (The Season Is Over)” ends Is The Future Of Everything on a somber note.

In A Word: Meh