Silverstein: Rescue

Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein has had great success since their inception in 2000. Under Victory Records the band released four albums with three of them reaching the Top 40 on the Billboard charts, including their most recent, A Shipwreck In The Sand, in 2009. But in 2010 the group decided to leave Victory and signed on with Hopeless Records. Their first release since their signing was Transitions, a five-song EP. Their new full-length CD, Rescue, was released in late April and it contains a whopping 18 tracks.

The disc starts out with “Medication.” The minute-long intro is hard-hitting yet melodic before some impressive guitar riffs and Shane Told’s light vocals take over the song. One of the best songs is “Intervention.” While it starts out with growls, the chorus and guitar solo makes it a truly awesome tune. It is a bit surprising though to see the soft “Good Luck With Your Lives” follow it up.

Anthony Raneri of Bayside makes his presence felt on “Texas Mickey.” While begging a loved one for forgiveness, Told lets his feelings out on the ninth track, “Darling Harbour.” He also gets emotional on “In Memory Of…,” which really is a tear jerker.

There are also six bonus tracks that include three demos, an acoustic piece dubbed “Burning Hearts,” and two songs off the Transitions EP. I feel this album will get them some much deserved recognition, as this is an overall solid release.

In A Word: Striking