Before The Dawn: Deathstar Rising

Like many of my favorite bands, Before The Dawn comes to us from the icy nation of Finland, the metal capital of the world. I have been enthralled with the group since their inception in 1999. Led by one of the greatest musicians that nobody has heard of, Tuomas Saukkonen, the band plays melodic death metal.

After the intro track is “Winter Within.” It is textbook BTD style, with phenomenal guitars and harsh vocals, before hearing Lars Eikind’s clear singing voice takes over. “Deathstar,” the third listing, is one of the best songs I have ever heard! With great riffs, guitarists Tuomas and Juho Raiha take you on a roller coaster of hard-hitting metal. It is such a great tune that I made the chorus my ringtone and have yet to consider changing it.

Some other songs worth mentioning include “Remembrance” and “Unbroken.” The roles change, however, on “Judgement,” in which Eikind sings most of the song with clean vocals, and Saukkonen’s growls take over the chorus.

I really can’t say anything negative about this CD, as it is one of my favorites. This is an extraordinary band that has long deserved to be making the big bucks. Hopefully their recent signing with Nuclear Blast will bring them to the top. I heavily advise you to buy this album in hopes that they will finally tour the U.S.

In A Word: Perfect