Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: It’s A Corporate World

If Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. isn’t on your list of “hipster” music to check out, they should be! It’s A Corporate World starts on a light note with “Morning Thought.” “Nothing But Our Love” continues the airy mood of the album, though there is a slight melancholic tone in the delivery of the lyrics. Lo-fi vocals and lustrous instrumentals make up “Skeletons,” which could be one of the album’s best tracks. Switching things up a bit, “An Ugly Person On A Movie Screen” has a bit more of a synthy, jam sound to it. “When I Open My Eyes” has some great instrumentals and could be interpreted as a denominational motivational song. And closing out the first half of the album, “Husbands” is an instrumental piece that is a bit mystical and dream-like.

Bringing in the second half of the album, “It‘s A Corporate World“ has a fresh vibe and a danceable beat. “Simple Girl” has a summery Beatles-like sound to it. “If It Wasn‘t You” stands out due to the in-song spoken-word dialogue. Church-style “ahhhs” start out “Vocal Chords,” which picks up pace and has a poppy, swingy chorus to get the listener off of their feet. “Almost Lost Detroit” is full of big vocals and even bigger beats to match. The finale on It‘s A Corporate World, “The Fisherman“ has a spiritual feel but with a Modest Mouse twist.

In A Word: Hipsterpop