Twister Sister: Under The Blade: Special Edition CD+DVD

As part of the continuing Twisted Sister reissue campaign, the band released Under The Blade: Special Edition CD+DVD on May 30. This special compilation includes songs from the Ruff Cuts EP, all of the songs from their original debut album, Under The Blade, and a previously unreleased DVD from their 1982 performance at the Reading Festival in the U.K. This is the time to see and hear what propelled Twisted Sister into being one of the pioneers of heavy metal.

The CD contains a whopping 14 tracks. There are the nine original songs, including “Bad Boys (Of Rock ‘n’ Roll),” “Run For Your Life” and “Shoot ‘Em Down.” There are also all four songs from the Ruff Cuts EP; tracks like “What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You)” and “Leader Of The Pack.” The disc closes out with an awesome, Live From Reading, PA version of “Shoot ‘Em Down.”

The DVD is where you get to see history unravel. Twisted Sister plays an eight song set, and if you’ve never seen them play before, you will understand why they became such a phenomenon in their heyday. Dee Snider rocks the stage and while the audience doesn’t seem very receptive, this is an epic performance. Things get a bit feisty when Dee responds to the people in the crowd that are throwing things on stage.

This is a nice collection to have for any fans that appreciate heavy metal. The DVD contains a remarkable set from Twisted Sister, including a few interviews from the band describing both the making of the album and the festival itself.

In A Word: Sterling