Flogging Molly: Speed Of Darkness

Celtic punk rockers, Flogging Molly are back with their fifth studio full-length Speed Of Darkness. The first two tracks off their latest release, “Speed Of Darkness” and “Revolution,” are fast-paced and hard-hitting, which pumps up the listener for what’s to come. Contrasting the first two tracks, “The Heart Of The Sea” has a very nautical feel to it. The fourth cut off the album, “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down” has a feel much like the beginning two tracks, the only difference is that the chorus hits harder than the verses do. “The Power’s Out” has a fight song feel to it. Slowing down the pace of the first half of the album, “So Sail On” is full of strong vocals and beautiful harmonies.

“Saints & Sinners” brings the release back to a fast motion with hooking instrumentals. A storytelling vibe is brought on during “The Present State Of Grace,” through handclaps, vocal delivery and instrumentals. An almost melancholy, yet hopeful emotion can be felt while listening to “The Cradle Of Humankind.” The use of the fiddle in the song seems to bring the darkness to the song, yet Dave King‘s powerful voice brings a sense of hope to it. “Oliver Boy (All Of Our Boys)” brings back the hard-hitting instrumentals along with vocals that leave an impact in the listener’s mind. “A Prayer For Me In Silence” changes things up a bit. There is a dialogue in song form exchanged between Kign and Bridget Regan. The final tune on the composition, “Rise Up,” is something you’d generally hear at a pub and it is an overall feel-good jam.

In A Word: Radical