The Right Now: Carry Me Home

The Right Now is full of soulful and jazzy instrumentals with sultry vocals that just draw the listener in. Stefanie Berecz’s voice has a powerful stance to it, and she is backed by eight talented musicians who help her get her emotions across. In “Ain’t Going Back” the listener can feel Berecz’s coldness and certainty that a relationship is over. In contrast to the girl-powered first track, a much softer and lonelier emotion is brought over in “Nobody.” A swinging, positive vibe is brought back with “You Will Know.” “I Could Really Hold On” has romantic vocals and sultry instrumentals, that most listeners can relate to.

“Better Way To Live” is a slow, and rather melancholy track that could be interpreted as someone thinking about their past mistakes. The vibe of the album is flipped back up during “Doing Nothing,” a song that sounds like it is about a lover who doesn’t want to be in a relationship, but the other person does. Bringing back the swinging beat is “I’ll Get Down,” which seems to have a very spiritual message to it. A somewhat dreamy love song, “The One You Love” blatantly talks about how Berecz could be the one a mysterious person could love. And a rather sad way to close out the album, “Carry Me Home” can be interpreted in a few ways; as a journey that has come to an end, or even as a lullaby for a child.

In A Word: Soulful